Monday, March 16, 2015

best peppermint oil for migraines

i just recently started using essential oils because i heard so much about them..And as a person that suffers from so much aches and pains from having arthritis, so i heard that the peppermint oil was good for pain i was eager to try...When i was offered this item thru i was so happy since i had already heard about them..So when it arrived it was put in a small box for protection that fits all snuggled ..Then that little box was sent in another box with bubble wraps and the shipping is awesome..very fast...I use it for my arthritis and my migraines... Just rub, some on the forehead and each temple and on my joints and the pain really goes away...There are many uses for essential oils besides the ones i use it for..It is also used for aromatherapy and much other things...

Friday, March 13, 2015

body merry 2.5 retinol moisturizer

I am very glad that i got the chance to try out this amazing moisturizer...I have been having problems with my skin due to extreme dryness...I have had this problem for couple years now..I think it runs in the family because my babygirl who is only five years old also has the same issue..but hers is worse...She has eczema...Anyways, I have been searching and trying out various skin creams, trying to get my skin to look and feel better...And finally i have found something that really makes it better..It doesnt make my skin greasy at all, but it does moisturize and make it look healthier again...It does not at all make my skin feel sensitive, no side effects to the retinol..I also apply it to my face around the eyes and on my forehead...And it has helped my dark spots and made my wrinkles feel smoother..I have heard it is algo good for hyperpigmentations and skin discolorations...I would not know since i dont have that type of skin problems...But with all honesty, I am extremely happy with the outcome that i have had in as little as two weeks..

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Naturo Nitro Preworkout Octane Supplement

I decided to take the opportunity given to me to purchase this item at a discounted price in exchange for a unbiased review...Although I am not the person to use it, I automatically thought of a family friend who is a a fitness nut, he loves to be in gym for hours and likes to take care of his body , and loves to do excersises and so forth . So I handed this down to him , he stated that he has been using it for a while now and that what he likes the most is the flavor of it..It is a lemonade flavor he said he mixes it like -15-20 minutes before working out and he likes that when he mixes it , the powder dissolves quickly and doesnt stay clumpy. He also states that after about a week of using it he started to feel the difference, because he has a hard working job doing construction in highways and most of time he gets home feeling so tired and beat down, and since starting the Naturo Nitro Octane he still feels full of energy when he gets home...He is very pleased with this product and told me that he recommends it to others with eyes shut..When I received the item, it comes in a well packaged box, not torn or beat up in any way...Shipping is at a fast timing. Oh, just remembered that he also told me he had no side effects of the nitro powder, never upset his stomach or anything..Pleasant taste especially for those like him that loves lemon.

Clear Skin WIllow Bark Booster Serum

I absolutely love this product...I ordered this product at a discounted price in exchange for my unbiased review...In no way did this influence in the way i think about this product..The product arrived at time specified and the packaging was superb.The willow bark booster serum can be used in any skin type.I am a woman of over 40 and therefor my skin is no longer like those of a younger woman..therefor was looking forward to trying this out...I applied it twice a day and saw the difference...It is gentle on my skin, makes it smoother and made my dark spots under my eyes look better since it removed my dark circles..Another good thing about it is that its an organic product.There is alot of improvement in my skin and even look smother and i love.I since then have also recommended this item to my family and friends and got them into using this product that works wonderfully..It takes my 5 stars

Elusive Dreams face mask with ear plugs

LOVING MY MASK....I am a person that have suffered with migraines for many many years..therefor as you can imagine, I need darkness and quiet place when my migraine is at work...I have a few sleep mask in my home, just in case my babygirl takes and misplaces my mask...different kinds, brand,colors..etc..So yes I have tried many..but I must say I am truthfully enjoying and loving this mask for something very specific..The masks I have all over my home none would cover all needs for when I have my migraine setback..which is darkness and noise all at once, and this one does since it not only has the mask to cover my eyes but also ear plugs to reduce the noise around me...I received this product through a promotion for my honest review, but all opinions expressed are solely my own. I respect the importance of honest reviewing, and I hope that you too.
First off, it's very comfortable to wear,Silky on one side and cottony soft on the other side.The strap is actually adjustable so you can fit it to your head loosely or more securely if you prefer

Quality Nature Colon Cleanser

Great Product! I chose to try this item because i sometimes have problems with constipation due to some of medications I take daily and don't eat enough fiber! I received it shipped fast and well packaged. Started with 1 that night and took 4 total the next day and I already feel tons better and have had regular bowel movements! No cramps whatsoever! It wasn't as harsh as I thought it was going to be and it was very effective. I didn't experience any negative side effects. This product definitely is a way better way to cleanse then messing with those cleansing drinks that taste gross! I 100% prefer this product over that and I definitely recommend it.I received this item at a discount price in return for my honest review and this is 100% my own unbiased opinion and review!

Wildtek Universal Waterproof case

I have be using the case very often cause i am an outside person , so when my kids and I go outside to play in the snow i throw it in the pouch and I don't have to worry about my phone getting wet . And I also have used it on days I go to the ymca to use the swimming pool. I tested this for quality and am basing my review on my personal experience! You can also use it to take pictures underwater. Although. I had to test it out I submerged it in the pool for 10 minutes. I must say I was skeptical but when I removed it out of the water and I inspected my old ONE, It was completely dry!!! I really look forward in using this case at all of my summer water activities. I highly recommend this product to everyone...So pick up one of these the next time you are planning on a wet day whether it be at a beach or amusement park you won't be disappointed.I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review and in no way did that have nothing to do with my review...It is my honest opinion

Orion 6000mah power bank with dual usb

First of all let me start off by saying that I am extremely pleased with this charger..I have purchased in past different chargers and not had been as pleased as I am with the orion 6000 mah power bank..Not only can I charge two electronics at same time but it also has a flashlight in case i should need it..It charged faster than other chargers I have tried in past. I would of like one in blue color, but didnt have the chance to get in blue..But black one does the same job so I took it in black..Packaging came in good conditions and the shipping was within time frame stated, so overall i am very satisfied with the product.I received this item as a complimentary gift in return for my unbiased review, but that itself had no effect on my honest opinion on this item..which is true to be my own.

18x18 down pillow by blowout bedding

I received my pillows and must say at first i thought not much of them, because they are not fully fluffy and all when they arrive and take them out of packaging ..But i remembered seeing somewhere someone threw them in the dryer for them to get all fluffed up, so thats exactly what I did and must say...Am loving my fluffy pillows..Packaging is quite good, they come in a airtight sealed bag, which is quite good, and the box was undamaged.Shipping is pretty fast and secure..I must say I have gotten other pillows from this company and they are quite soft and very comfortable. I will deffinately continue to purchase from them. Thumbs up to the 18x18 feather down pillows

my home trendz digital meat thermometer

I am very pleased with this digital thermometer, it did just what it was supposed to do ...I used it for my cheese making...I like to do my home made mozzarella cheese and this thermometer came in very handy since my previous one no longer works..It worked perfectly fine and I love the fact that it has a cable to throw in my pot and a clip to hang on it...It is great for cheese making, for baking, broiling, bbqing...basically anything you want to use it in the kitchen for...It came in a very conveniently safe box so it would not break..Shipping was really fast as well...I received this thermometer at a discounted price for me to try out and give my honest unbiased review of it.But that does not have any influence at all in my review...Review is simply based on my own personal experience with the thermometer

Silly kone Heat Proof Gloves

These gloves are really good, I am loving these...I am a person that just loves to bake all the time. Before I would use the regular oven mitts or pot holders and the heat would still get thru those and burn my hands... Sometimes i would just not learn my lesson, and continue using them...Or should I say , i forgot my burns and would use them I got these..I received these at a discounted price in exchange for my honest unbiased review so that others could know what kind of quality of item you were interested in..And I should say that you are buying top quality here..I used these the next day i received them, and let me tell you, that I did not feel the heat on my hands this time..YAY...I really recomend these to you.. they are totally good. they are of very good quality silicones and are comfortable to wear as well. They come in a plastic bag, and the shipping is very fast as are trully gonna enjoy using these and will get your money worth..

Xtava Rimini 1500 watt blow dryer

well, at first when i ordered this i was skeptical because of the fact it is only 1500w but let me tell you this is great..Although my hair is thin and I dont have much, but I like to do my hair in a perfect way..I am very picky, but with this hair dryer my hair came out just perfect...Like i wanted ti. i just trully love this Rimini 1500w hair dryer...The packaging is great and shipping is by far very very fast...The buttons on this item are easy to locate while using it..Plus I love the color of it too...I received this item as a complimentary gift so that I can give you guys my trully honest review and in no way does that interfere with my unbiased opinion..I trully love my dryer...

Innogie elite series power bank 3200mah

I used this black aluminum power bank to charge my daughters nabi 2 since she is constantly making her battery dead and yes it did work..The size is of great dimensions as well, not big and not small.Just perfect...It comes in its good packaging and convenient shipping..Pretty fast I must say. I will purchase couple more to give away as gifts to my other daughters.

Ipleasure 7" pink jelly dildo

i am very pleased with my new addition to my adult toy box...The 7 inch jelly feel to it is great...By making it in jelly material makes it feel quite a bit normal. and the size is just right as well...As an adult, us women like to keep the spice up in our relationship, so when I was offered this item at a great price for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review i accepted and I must say i am very pleased with it...It has multiple speeds for you to use based on your prefference of the night I must on the mood your in...It is very easy to change the batteries because of the markings on it...And as part of my inspection is using the product and I must say it has helped me acheive a great orgasm last night when trying it, As a married woman i like to try out different things in my marriage and well at times as well have an urge when my husband is not around, since he works night shift...So yes this is deffinately a go... 5 stars to this item

Adagio professional Ceramic Flat Iron

Okay let me begin by saying that this is by far the best ionic flat iron for any types of hair...It warms up very fast, within the first minute of plugging it in, it reaches its hotness desired...It has ten settings starting off at 200 all the way to 400 degrees..It has a 360 swivel cord that helps when doing your hair allowing you complete freedom of the movement of your hands.. It has a universal voltage to addapt to traveling....It comes with a traveling pouch which is heat resistant...I have tried many many hair flat irons and this is by far the best i have tried...I was so lucky when i was offered this as part of a promotional gift as part of inspectional purposes and unbiased review...The packaging is great and item arrived at a fast shipping and in great conditions...I trully recomend this item to others as well...

Best Vitality B12 Plus Supplements

been taking these for a week now and i feel much less anxiety and my stress level has diminished...and since i have been less anxious lately i am even thinking clearer and with more energy...Been taking them one tablet daily with my breakfast to start the day off good...They are easy to swallow and leave no after taste..Pills come in a protected packaging to secure the shipping arrives well...Item was shipped at a fast shipping as well. Extremely content with the outcome of these sample pills which i received for inspectional purposes and an unbiased review...

majestic pure lemon oil

I am new to trying out essential oils so when i was told about these and the different types of uses and benefits that they have , i decided to look into it further...Then one day i was offered the lemon oil as a sample for inspectional purposes and an unbiased review...I gave it a try It comes in a 4oz bottle with a dropper...I
 put a couple drops in the oil warmer and my room was smelling so pleasant and relaxing...It had a citrusy smell to it...I also used it on my forehead when i have a migraine and it helped alot too...I was so surprised with its outcome and the many uses that these oils have...I will definately continue to look more further into using not only this lemon oil but all essential oils...

kabuki flower brush for makeup by xtava

i am extremely obsessed with this kabuki brush by xtava...The brittles are so soft and fluffy and it is great for putting on my mineral powder foundation..It smooths it on perfectly on every use...The flower pattern it has is just so nice too...The size is perfect for holding as well...NOT TO MENTION ITS favorite color.I was offered this brush at a great discounted price for inspectional purposes and an unbiased review and i have to say that it did pass my inspection..I am thrilled with it and give it my 5 stars...thumbs up to xtava

fit belt-running belt

well i received my belt last night and must say i was shocked when i opened the packaging...when i was offered this item at a great discount for inspectional purposes and an unbiased review, well i didnt think much of it ...But when i opened the packaging and saw the item itself must say that my thoughts were completely changed...First of all the item comes in a well kept packaging with very fast shipping...The material of the belt is of the best quality i have seen..It has various pockets for keeping your belongings close while excersizing or just taking your walks, like I do...I personally would have loved to see these in various colors, since i am a pink color lady.. but the black one itself is has a key holder is like a spandex material that stretches kinda...Not to mention the seller is a great person as well, very communicating.This item definaltely has my 5 stars...

27mm bouncy balls by kangaroo

To begin i shall say that these bouncy balls came to me at a perfect timing...I used these balls that come in a package of 250 in total , well i used them for a birthday pinata as little toys for the kids...It was hilarious to see the kids running everywhere trying to catch the balls that were jumping every place....Well as i mentioned they come in a huge package of 250 total, and the only downside that i can establish about these balls is that they are not suitable for little ones below i would say 6yrs old..because of the size...That is why i usedthem in the pinata because the kids in party were all over 5..But other than that they are very good quality and very bouncy...Not to mention the designs on them...they are lovely designs...My kids loved these so much...They had lots of fun...I knew for a fact they would enjoy them, when i was offered these as a promotional gift for inspectional purposes and an unbiased review...I definatly recomend these to others for parties or any occasion..they are awesome..thanks

youth regenerating moisturizing cream

This cream is amazing...I am in my 40+ and lately have been having issues with dry skin..I have tried various types of lotions even medicated ones and nothing seem to last enough to keep my skin hydrated..But i have been using this one for over a week now and must say it is awesome...Not only it is not super greasy like others but it does keep my skin moisturized and it lasts on my skin for a while...It came in a little plastic wrap, but it does come in a box with fast shipping...I am glad i was offered this item at a great discounted price for inspectional purposes and an unbiased review because i am very sattisfied with the outcome and i do give it my 5 stars...thanks

Jetech iphone 6 screen protector

this screen protector is made of very good quality and it does protect very well the screen ..It fits perfectly fine and it has the cutout for the camera lens too...It come in a package of three, but i have been using mine and can say that it will last you for a long long time...It sticks on smoothly and does not come off unless you take it off ofcoarse...It lets you see the screen clearly like it was in hd...very clear picture ...I have enjoyed my screen protectors.I am glad i was asked to receive this promotional gift for inspectional purposes and an unbiased review..Because it has saved my phone from so many scratches and my phone still looks like new...5 stars from me...yay..good product

body merry age defense eye cream

I totally love this eye dark spots are almost gone....yay...I have been using it for about a week now and must say that i have seen an enormous change...I have not been sleeping well and thats the reason for my dark spots...Not only do i see my dark spots are diminished but also i can tell that my skin feels more smoother around the eyes and the wrinkles are less...I am not gonna say that they are completely gone because this is not a surgery or they do seem much better...I am a female of over 40yrs old and I like to use these creams to try to look better for my hubby and yes this one has worked for me....I received this item as a complimentary gift for inspectional purposes and an unbiased review and must say I personally give it my 5 stars..thanks

copper knee sleeves

okay ...i have been trying out my knee sleeve for over a week now and must say that this has helped me out so much...I suffer from arthritis and for this reason i am constantly on bone pains...even more on these very cold days...I am a female in my 40+ and most of the time feel like i am over 80..with that said, well since wearing these it has helped my pain a great noticable way...Even though i do take medications when in pain, but even with medications i am always in pain..that is how bad it is...And since wearing the knee brace sleeve my pain has been much much less....Almost to the point where i have none...Well what i do is i put on some bengay to make the area feel hot and then put my knee sleeve on..and voila....within an hour or much less the pain is almost to completely gone...I have tried many other braces or sleeves but none up till now had made my pain so much better..besides most of them were bulky and would look and feel uncomfortable under jeans, which is what i mostly use...But this sleeve not only is it comforteable to wear but it is not bulky, since it is made of nylon and spandex...It comes in a pack of two, as well which is great...for those like myself that get pain on both knees , sometimes..I am so happy that i was offered this sleeve at a great promotional discount and unbiased review for inspectional purposes because this item is great...It did pass my inspection and I definately rate it my 5 stars...