Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cassini No Fog shower mirror

I have gotten this mirror to place it on the inside wall of the shower for my husband...Must say that it is trully amazing...It comes with 2 different wall hangers with the adhesive on it...I placed it on the wall at the height so that my husbands face reaches the mirror..I tried it myself when i take a shower ...i put the hot water on, because i love showering with hot water...And let it run for a while  and when i finished showering the mirror was clear of fog still...My husband uses it while he showers to shave and he loves it...He says it is super ...he loves that he can go shave and shower at the same time..making it easier for him...
The material of the mirror is very high quality...It came in a very well packed box and the shipping is super fast...over all a great item..