Tuesday, June 21, 2016

BACRON Ultra Thin Amplified 50-Miles HDTV Antenna

The Bacron ultra thin amplified hdtv antenna  lets me watch  HDTV Channels like  ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX in full 1080P, receiving both VHF(170-240 MHz)and UHF(470-860 MHz)channels it has a 50 Miles Long Range with  Builtin amplifier kit ...I just connected it to the tv searched for channels and there they were 14 channels of my locals all super clear...No hassle , the only thing that takes a while is while the tv is doing its channel search...other than that it was a breeze...I placed mine on the outside of the living room window way up high and it works wonderfully....It has a very long cable which allowed me to place the antenna high enough...There are many high end antennas out there , but this inexpensive antenna does the job greatly. so there is no need for others...I have an apple tv which I can see some local channels as well...But others I don't get..But with this antenna even the ones I already get are much more clearer and sharper...Well since it is a HD antenna, i guess that is the reason...over all I am extremely satisfied and I am sure you will be too...Below is the link to purchase one on the amazon store, you wont go wrong....

product received for inspection purposes and a unbiased review all expressions are my own...


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