Monday, August 10, 2015

Innolife Smoothie Drink Blender Mixer with Sports Bottle - Blue

This baby has a strong powerful motor that is great to mix any type of smoothie or shake....You can just pop in some fruits and veggies what ever you want to pop in and make a nice smoothie or shake....Or even those very famous protein shakes with what ever veggie or fruits you want to...and mix for about 20 sec...and wait 10 seconds before starting another 20 sec mixing intervals...just so it wont heat up...Works wonderful and the motor is a strong powerful one that will last you a long time...Small enough to fit in any counter top without taking so much space...
It comes with the mixer base....bottle cup....with a mixer attachment and a cup lid to drink from the same mixer bottle...Just take along with you on the go...Cup fits any car cup holder...Awesome item...
They come in a variety of colors like purple,blue,green,and yellow....But I got the blue one and it looks it..
If you are looking for a smoothie mixer/juicer  look no further...Below is the link to this wonderful item...go ahead and purchase...

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Brando Sports Yoga Mat bag

I received my yoga mat bag and tried it right away...My Brando yoga mat fits perfectly and does not have a tight fit... It also has an external pocket for a water bottle which I find it to be awesome...Not only can you use the yoga mats to do yoga..There are other many uses for them...Like myself I also take along my yoga mat when I go out to the lake with my husband to go fishing...Since I know for a fact that it will take us numerous hours out at the lake I like to carry my mat so that I can either sit on it or lay for a bit...Now I have a wonderful bag to carry it with me on my shoulders with the strap that it has...And pack it with the water bottle as well...Totally awesome...The qualilty of this yoga mat bag is made of very great quality material, made to last... The measurements of it is 26 inches long and 6 inches in diameter

So I totally recommend it to anyone that owns a yoga mat...If you are looking for a yoga mat bag, look no further..This is the one...The link to purchase it is down on it...go ahead.